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Plastic pollution
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Kanèsis is an Italian enterprise pioneer in the field of bio-plastics. Thanks to its innovative productive process, Kanèsis develops a 100% sustainable thermoplastic material by replacing the synthetic additives and colorants, added in most bio-based plastics, with agriculture by-products and surplus. Italian hemp shives and inflorescences, tomatoes, pomegranates and pruned orange trees, together with the top-notch PLA, compose Kanèsis’ products and services. All of them have different qualities but a common identity: natural texture, warm and earth tone colors, excellent mechanical properties.

Kanèsis’ vision is a petroleum-free plastic world, where materials are 100% produced from agricultural by-products and surplus, no longer considered as “waste”, totally in line with the circular economy principles.

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Studies and research

Our studies show that the use of agricultural by-products, instead of lignin, improves the mechanical aspects of composite materials. Lignin is indeed widely added to Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) – composite materials made of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastic(s) such as PE, PP, PVC, or PLA – to improve the melt flowability of the wood flour. However, the lignin reduces the elasticity and tensile strength of the composite because of its incompatibility with most thermoplastic polymers: being inert, it creates small vacuums in the material. 

Our Projects

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brand that sells 3D printing materials developed from agricultural waste


Online 3D printing shop offering every maker, designer, consumer and entrepreneurs access to 3D printing services, eco-filaments and products, including custom 3D printing.


Brand specialized in the production of thermoplastic materials with zero additives and synthetic colorants, only natural reinforcement. With a material recyclability rate close to 100%, Ecompound is the solution for companies ready to reduce their environmental impact.

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